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Happy horse and Dental nurse!

We were lucky enough to be able to test out Bigg Comfort Bridle and I'm so glad we did! Although Dolly is typically very obliging, I have found her inconsistent in our current bridle.

She would often drop behind the bit and generally be quite mouthy. Since trying this beautiful new headpiece she has settled into the bridle and has become far more stable and consistent in the hand! The huggggeee soft padded headpiece takes all the pressure off the TMJ (being a dental nurse I've seen exactly the problems a stressed TMJ can cause to people, so I'm in no doubt that horses would have the same, if not worse problems when asking to work through this area) making her far more stable through the jaw and into the mouth, allowing her to constantly accept the bridle.

The large cut aways give plenty of room for her ears again taking away any unnecessary pressure on such a sensitive area. The entire bridle is really beautifully made and looks super smart! I've had some many fantastic comments on it when I'm out and about!

All of our schooling is working towards eventually making it to the show ring, although we do compete and participate in most activities, and this bridle has without doubt improved her performance in all aspects, Leaving me with a super happy horse ! Thank

you CK Equine Performance! We can't wait to get another for shows!!

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