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Backing issues no more!

Aria, my Irish Draught is only recently backed, she was going reasonably well but we were having a few issues with forwardness and bend. When i purchased the BIGG comfort headpiece it was like someone had flipped a switch. She is much more willing to move forward, her transitions up and down the gaits are smoother and she is more willing to bend and move up into the bridle. The addition of the Ck equine noseband helped matters further as it avoids her newly erupting teeth and curves below her cheekbone so no pressure points. The whole bridle fits her extremely well and the leather and craftsmanship are excellent. Amy is very pleasant and easy to deal and available answer any questions. I will definitely be ordering another. Highly recommend for anyone, not just those out competing at higher levels. We are only happy hackers at the moment but Aria is happy and her introduction to ridden life has been made more comfortable with the help of her BIGG Comfort bridle headpiece.

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