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At long last I can finally share!!!

At long last I can finally share!!! For the past few weeks we have been trialling the new #biggcomfortbridle from Amy Biggs. It is a wide, pressure relieving headpiece with a generous cutout for the ears. It's beautifully padded and the leather is soft and supple. Tpony has a very sensitive head and I was hesitant about trying a new bridle on him, he's always been in a Micklem and was going well in it, but Amy assured me this headpiece (and noseband!) was designed to avoid the sensitive facial nerves in order to create greater comfort and acceptance of the bridle. The very first day I tried T in this bridle I noticed a huge difference in his way of going. He was forward and supple into the bridle right from the start and seemed to find flexing through his poll and jaw much easier than usual. As the weeks have gone on T's training has progressed far more rapidly than it had been prior to trying this bridle. His face is much more relaxed during sessions and I'm finding him much easier to keep on the correct bend and the correct flexion is coming along nicely too. I really do believe that T is even more comfortable in this bridle than he was in the Micklem (I didn't think it possible!) Needless to say we are thrilled with this bridle and won't be changing it any time soon! (Though we might have to have a second to put away for shows only!) Not only is the leather decent quality and the design intelligent, the service from Amy at biggs comfort bridle,has been super AND the price is sensible too!! A gorgeous bridle that puts your horses comfort first at a price that you can afford. What's not to love?! Thank you #biggcomfortbridle for keeping my dancing partner comfortable and happy ♡ For those who want more info or to order your very own #biggbridle take a look at and you will be well looked after ♡

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