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** BIGG Comfort Headpiece**

Daniel and I have been trialling the new Bigg Comfort Headpiece, over the past few weeks and I am really impressed with it!

The headpiece is designed with the horses comfort in mind, has plenty of soft padding all around and is cut away from the ears to allievate any form of pressure.

Daniel is a super sensitive horse and hates any kind of pressure or people touching his face for too long. Riding wise - he has a tendency to occasionally resist downward transitions by head tilting/coming above the bit.

After trying the headpiece he instantly felt steadier in the contact, softer and willing to take the contact forward. The smoothness of our transitions has also improved!

Overall, I am really pleased with their headpiece and double drop noseband, as I have tried various bits etc in the past but, something as simple as a new headpiece and noseband has really helped. I will be investing in another for my other horse Kaidan!

The new bridle is affordable compared to other brands and is being released in the next few weeks #bridle #headpiece#noseband #comfortheadpiece

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