BIGG COMFORT HEADPIECE (Design registration number 6016620)Our copyrighted headpiece is designed with ultimate comfort for the horse in mind. The wide area over the poll disperses pressure over a large area. It is supremely cut away from the ears so that the ears can move freely in any direction. The innovative browband block relieves the head of any irritation pressure or rubbing from the browband and takes the cheek straps away from the face and the sensitive TMJ nerve. 

COMFORT OFF SET FLASH The offset flash noseband has a padded noseband block for ultimate comfort and allows the nostrils to flare fully for maximum performance. Fastened with a crank strap. The shape at the sides gives the bit room for movement without the noseband interfering or rubbing. The off set flash stops the straps pulling the noseband down creating pressure points on the face. English leather with padded buckle guards, silver finishings and buckles either side for a perfect fit.

Whole bridle including arrow grip reins

Bigg Comfort Offset Flash

  • Returns

    If you wish to return your bridle please do so unused saleable condition. Please see FAQ for returns terms and conditions.



    This bridle is covered for the period of 12 months from date of purchase against defects in material or workmanship under normal use. Not excluding normal wear and tear, accidental, misuse or negligence. This product should not be cleaned with glycerine based leather products as this may damage the padding and will void the warrenty.


    Care Instructions

    Wash the leather gently by hand with warm soapy water to remove any dirt or grease and condition with a non-glycerine leather balsam or cream.

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